I’m Rosemarie Welch, proud owner of Custom Wreaths by Rosemarie. 


I’m a wife, mother, grandmother and now, a wreath maker!  I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA and currently live in Pearland, Texas.


I’m proof that God works in a mysterious way.   He has given me this talent that I really didn’t know I had.  I give Him all the glory!

Discovering I had a talent for wreath making was a total surprise to me. Christmas 2014, I decided that I would like to make my own wreath for my front door.  I did a lot of research and watched a lot of YouTube videos, and my first wreath was born. 


I was hooked after that!  My close friends and family thought that I should explore selling them.  On a dare, I went to a boutique in town called the Silver Bee Boutique.  I met with the owners and after seeing my creations, they gave me a spot in their store!  That gave me an opportunity to grow as a wreath designer.  I am still selling at the boutique that gave me my start in my business.

Designing a wreath involves education as well.  I belong to a fantastic wreath community which allows me to learn from some of the top wreath designers out there.  I take pride in that and it will reflect in the wreath I make for you!  Part of education is keeping up with the trends in color and design and what is popular for each season!


Fast forward, I am still selling in the same local boutique and doing online sales through my business page on Facebook and now my website. 


I totally give this to God as a gift.  I love what I do, and hope my designs show the love that goes into each and every design I make.


I invite you to look around here in my shop.  I am happy to design a custom wreath for your door!


God Bless,



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