Beautiful and unique wreath designs for every occasion

Wreaths for your home

Wreaths make a great decoration for your home or as a gift for someone who appreciates and loves all things handmade by a designer. A wreath instantly gives your door/home a Pop of color and adds such fun and a welcoming feel.


Don't limit your creativity. Experiment and use a wreath inside your home - display it over a fireplace or over a buffet. Get creative and have fun decorating.


How about customizing your wreath with your favorite style and colors for a special occasion or different seasons all year long? 


Let's get started!


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Meet Rosemarie

Your Wreath Designer


I totally love what I do, and hope my designs show the love that goes into each and every special wreath I create for you.  


I take pride in my products and the proof is in the wreath that you'll receive. Every single wreath design is crafted with high-quality materials that will last for a long time. 


My clients appreciate the time and materials that go into their designs. I truly appreciate that they have faith in what I can design for them. I'm looking forward to working with you to help create a beautiful wreath for your home.

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